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Capital: Bedok
Population: 5.607 million
Official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
Time zone: Singapore Standard Time (SST)
Emergency #: 995
Vaccinations required: Yes
Risk of malaria: No
Climate Info

Singapore: Travel Health Information

Singapore is an island city-state that is home to modern cities and tourist sites such as the Gardens by the Bay, the Asian Civilizations Museum, and the Singapore Botanical Gardens. 


The standards for patient care and medical services in Singapore may differ from your home country. Singapore has public and private health sectors, both of which provide a high standard of care. The World Health Organization ranks the country’s healthcare system within the top 10. Most healthcare professionals speak English.

In the event of a medical emergency, contact your travel health insurance company immediately. Hospitals in Singapore typically require upfront payment with cash or credit card, regardless if you have travel health insurance. You should ensure you have accessible funds to cover upfront fees and adequate travel health insurance. Before you depart, check with your insurer about the extent of their coverage in Singapore.

Pharmacies and medications

Pharmacies are well-stocked and accessible throughout the country. The cost of imported medication is high and certain medications are not licensed for sale. International prescriptions are not honoured by pharmacies and some medications that can typically be purchased over the counter will require a prescription in Singapore. 

If you are travelling with medication, check with Singapore's embassy, consulate, or Ministry of Health for details on medication allowances and restrictions. If your medication is a narcotic or psychotropic, you can review Singapore's regulations on the International Narcotics Control Board. Note that these sources may provide incomplete or out-of-date information.

Road safety

Road conditions are good and public transportation is efficient and safe. Driving occurs on the left-hand side of the road. 

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